Building and running the Byonics MicroTrak300

Since I've been having a ton of fun with my TinyTrak3plus in my truck, I figured I'd build the new MicroTrak300 that Byon had advertised on his website. I'm currently using the MicroTrak300 as a pedestrian tracker. You can see the position of me and/or my dog through these websites:

The majority of the stuff was bought from the Byonics website, but a few items were purchased elsewhere or borrowed from other equipment.

Here are the components:

Here are some pictures of the assembly and operation:

It took me about and hour and a half to put everything together, test it, program it, then clean the board up. This is an easy kit to put together as long as you have fairly basic soldering skills and a fairly fine tip soldering iron. I'm going to be testing this unit over the next few days to see how much I can get from a 9 volt battery and how many packets actually get through.

Before I'm finished I'd like to do this:

  • Add LED displays to the unit
  • Figure out a better way to power it than a 9v battery. I have AA NiMH rechargables that I'll probably use to power this instead.
  • Figure out a good enclosure for this unit.
  • Figure out a way to K9 mount it (why should I do all the work, when they've got four legs)
  • Get/make a better antenna.
  • Add a power switch to whatever enclosure.
  • Trim the GPS cabling to reduce weight/clutter.
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