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Waffle BBS, DSOTM and the loonies involved

In the days before the Internet was something that was commonplace or commercialized, the BBS was king.  One place that holds a place in my heart eternally was a BBS run out of silicon valley called the Dark Side of the Moon.  This single line BBS ran a type of software called Waffle BBS, which happened to run on MS-DOS easily, and could interface with the UUCP network allowing Internet mail and Usenet access.  All that is find and good, but the real gem of this place was the completely insane populace that spent time interacting on this system.  I met some really odd ducks, and connected with people that would help me with my career in the next decade. 

As a cultural artifact I give you the Dark Side of the Moon X-mas card from either 1991 or 1992.  And yes, some parties involved there went on to Internet fame with rotten.com and nndb.com.  I will always remember (408)245-SPAM. 



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