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Get the college credits where you can!


In my workplace, I have several co-workers that are going back to school to finish their undergraduate education.  I keep a lookout for them to see what type of resources are available for them to finish their Bachelor's degree faster.  Recently Global Knowledge, who is well known for their technical training courses, partnered up with San Diego State University (SDSU) to provide college credit for many of their courses.  The upshot for many tech workers going back for a degree in IT/IS/MIS/CS/etc, is that at many companies the technical training is easier to aquire than support for going back to college at night.  As I write this, I count 81 different courses available for college credit.  Since SDSU is accredited by WASC, these units should have no problem transferring to most schools, but matriculation agreements vary from school to school.  While this is not the cheapest solution for credit, if someone else is footing the bill, you would be silly not to take advantage of it.

Here are a few links:

There are also other ways of finishing college at a faster pace, in ways more suited  for working adults.  The CLEP program is offered by the College Board in a similar fashion to the AP system for high school students.  When a student passes the test for a subject, it is possible for that to count for a number of units, which can then be transferred to the college of your choice.  While I am a big supporter of young people going and having a college experience on a brick and mortar campus for their undergraduate education, this can be incredibly helpful in getting veterans and working parents through their degree program in a shorter period of time.  Tests are available in Composition and Literature, Foreign Languages, History and Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, as well as Business, which could get you done with your first year of college in a few weeks of studying and testing.  Another program called DSST (which I believe used to be called DANTES) is available through Prometric.  While it seems similar to the CLEP, I do not personally know anyone who has taken one of their exams.


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