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Hello.. is there anybody in here?


Internet Radio is not a really new thing, but I might as well mention one of my all time favorites.  I started listening to SomaFM in 2000 when I ran across it online while looking for information on a Thievery Corporation CD.  My personal favorites are Groove Salad and Secret Agent, but the site has an incredible selection of eclectic radio streams.  During the Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / Festivus season they host the X-mas in Frisco stream, that has many novelty and humorous holiday themed songs.  Any program that can stream mp3 content will work just fine.  I've used WinAMP, iTunes and Windows Media player to get to the stream depending on my work location and type of computer I'm attaching to the stream.  Even with XM radio at home (over DirectTV), I still haven't heard the diversity of music that I hear on any of their streams.

The proprietor of this service, Rusty Hodge, has become quite the activist in regards to protecting the rights of the small Internet broadcaster. With CARP, the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel, it was really quite possible that the small broadcaster would go silent.  Without the likes of Rusty, we would be stuck with craptastic FM radio.

I have spent many a late night at work fueled by too many Red Bull or Rockstar beverages, and used Groove Salad as chill out material.   In that heightened state of consciousness I can almost imagine that it is the same music that some techno-hero-sysadmin would be listening to in a Cory Doctorow novel.  Thanks Rusty!



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