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Probing for fun and profit

While those that are sysadmins might already know the wonders of nmap, not everyone has had the pleasure of using this tool.  You know, it's the tool that totally l33t haxorz use to track midget spies and to hack into the matrix.   A computer security consulting firm called Sectegrity has provided a nice service by giving a web interface to nmap and several other probing tools.  They have things configured to only probe the host that you are accessing their website from, so you cannot light up someone else's IDS system or cause widespread panic. 


Of course other tools like Gibson Research's Shields UP service can do similar things, but it doesn't give you the command line output, so you can't feel like you are hanging out with Sandra Bullock in The Net


A few other tools that I think are fairly neat. 

MyIPneighbors.com - See who else is being hosted on your ip address.

Map of the Internet - A graphical representation of what part of the Internet your ip address resides. 

Browser Spy - This site can tell you detailed information on your browser and your client machine.

Privacy.net Analyzer - Another site that can help you find vulnerabilities on your client machines.

Penetration Testing Framework - A checklist/plan for implementing a full penetration test.


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