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Wi-Fi coming to BART

From the fun fellows at the BART RAGE blog, I'm hearing that there is ongoing testing of a BART Wi-Fi network outside of the four main San Francisco underground stations.  The link to the Wireless Developer Network article is here.  While $30 USD/month is a bit steep for my taste, it is better than a sharp stick in the eye.  If WiFi Rail were to partner with an organization such as T-mobile or AT&T, I think a lot of other people might look into getting this service, but at $30/month it better work at Starbucks or the airport too.

Train in Civic Center BART 

I'm really happy to hear this, as several years ago I tried the T-Mobile GPRS data service while commuting on BART.  I'd get connectivity for about 12-15 minutes of the 55 minute train ride. Boo. Hiss.  There is nothing more fun than 1000ms+ ping times.

For those of you outside of Northern California, this most likely be of no interest unless you'll be using BART to get to/from SFO.

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