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Spicy HOT Lanes

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the commute can be incredibly tedious.  Depending on my work location, I need to commute from 30 to 45 miles from my house, which in turn requires between 35 and 70 minutes of transit.  As often as I can I try to take mass transit (BART to San Francisco in my case) to reduce my fuel costs, bridge tolls, wear and tear on my vehicle, as well as stress from driving around a bunch of nutjobs.  With the advent of the Fastrak system of wireless toll collection in the SF Bay area, the possibility of paid toll lanes became possible.  Current rumors have the toll rates along Interstate 580 and 680 in the $4 to $5 USD range.  Would it be worth it to me to pay an extra five bucks to shave half an hour off my commute?  Heck yeah!  The only thing you lose out on this is anonymity.

HOT Lanes! 

Source for images and information: http://www.mtc.ca.gov/pdf/hot_lanes.pdf 

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