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Tiny little products to make travel fun

When I'm travelling, I try to go as light as possible.  It is hard to be a carry-on only type traveller in the United States these days with the liquid requirements, but with tiny little toiletries it is possible.  Sometimes I repackage my toiletries in smaller containers, but sometimes I get the tiny trial-size versions of the products that I love.  Minimus has built their whole business on this concept.  Instead of paying too much at the hotel or airport for an once to toothpaste, you can get a tiny amount of the brand you like for a reasonable price. 


While you can get in-flight power on most planes these days in Business or First class, most Airlines that I fly on do not have power available in coach.  In Flight Power makes this cool little gadget that pulls voltage off of the airplane's headphone jack at your seat.  With this you can charge your cell phone, PSP, iPod/mp3 player or whatever other low current device you'd like to use on the flight.





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