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Mortality and leading a good life

Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about how short life is and the importance of how you treat people on a daily basis.  Last October, one of my favorite undergrad professors, John Long, passed away of a heart attack.  He was truly an intelligent,  kind and insightful man. 

When I am older and look back at my life, I hope I can have the impact of a man like John.  While I was a student at Chico State he probably worked with a few hundred young people, if not more.  Over the period of his life he touched thousands and positively affected the thinking and careers of all who were under his tutilidge.  Whether you try or not, you do affect the world around you.  You don't have to be a truly selfless person, just try to balance what is best for you with what is good for the world around you.  

I scanned this in from the CSU, Chico Alumni Magazine:

John Long Obituary 

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