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Annoying site registrations

Sometimes you'll get a link from someone regarding an article or paper that requires registration.  Instead of spending the time to create yet another account to remember, you might want to check out BugMeNot.  Their service most likely violates the terms of service on a lot of web sites, but does that really bother you?  Many newspapers and periodicals are part of the "dark web" of unsearchable or controlled content.  Instead of giving away all of your personal information once again to read an article, borrow a throwaway account from BugMeNot.  I wouldn't advocate a service like this if it were to be used to share a paid service, as that would be theft.

The service is pretty simple..  you enter the web site you want an account for, and it returns a listing of account/password combos.  If it doesn't work for you, you vote that account combo down, so the next sucker doesn't waste more of their precious time.






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