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Mr. F

This post is somewhat humorous and sad at the same time.  We have a new visitor staying at Chateau de Anderer and his name is Mr. F

Mr. F in all his glory 

As you can see, Mr. F is a really big boy.  Here comes the sad part.  Mr. F, or "Mr. Fatty" as she named him, came from the house of my wife's good friend that passed away last week.  Although she only had him for about eight months, he was her beloved companion.  We chose to truncate his name in honor of one of our favorite shows, Arrested Development, and the fact that calling this cat fat is sort of like throwing stones in glass houses. ;) 


He's a temporary guest at the ranch right now. Unfortunately he can't fit through the cat doors (actually we installed medium sized dog doors).  While he is spry, he makes our other 18 pound cat look like a dwarf.  He's looking for a permanent home, but until then he'll be camping out on our couch.

You can see more pictures at:

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