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Online education cranks up the appeal

When I finished my Master's degree, one of the things that I lamented was the loss of my access to a lot of really great online research tools.  One of the cool things that Capella University is doing as of a few weeks ago, is giving alumni access to these tools at at a small cost after they graduate.  While google and wikipedia might have great tools to find a car dealership or to win a bar bet, having access to volumes of peer reviewed journals and other texts is not something you normally have access to after you finish your degree.  Other schools such as University of Phoenix also have policies allowing free electronic access to the research library after graduation, which is really a great marketing tool.

"Publication: Latest Headlines - Alumni Library now available
Source: Capella Editor
Modified: 05/28/2008  9:05AM
Alumni now have access to select library databases through Capella's Alumni Library. This high-demand benefit is free for alumni through January 31, 2009.
While enrolled at Capella University, many learners come to rely on access to the Capella Library, and mourn the day they lose access following the completion of their degree.

"While enrolled, our learners get addicted to having such a rich resource at their fingertips," says Jen Swanson, alumni director at Capella University. "Even after their coursework is complete and their graduation final, many alumni miss having daily access to the library databases that keep them current on the research and discourse in their profession."

The Alumni Association is pleased to announce that they are launching a new Alumni Library, with access to some of the most in-demand library databases. While the Alumni Library services are different than those provided to learners during their period of study at Capella, the Alumni Library offers many databases with scholarly journal, magazine and newspaper articles, encyclopedias, e-books and dissertations to support the research and academic needs of Capella Alumni.

To celebrate the introduction of this alumni benefit, it will be available to alumni for free until January 31, 2009, at which point alumni will be able to access it for an annual subscription fee of $50 per year. Access the Alumni Library now."

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