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Reality TV

My wife and I watch a lot of TV.  When we introduced the Tivo into our lives in 2004 we started watching entire TV series instead of just channel surfing to see what is on at the time.  Over the past few years we have enjoyed the likes of Beauty and the Geek, The Age of Love, and (ashamed to admit it) Farmer Wants a Wife.  I know everyone else is into Big Brother and American Idol, but I could never relate.  Except William Hung, that guy is a class act.

Recently we have been enthawled in the drama that is Jon & Kate Plus 8.  We can barely get our pets to do anything we say and this couple has eight children.  They get mad props for not going totally insane.  I have no idea how these folks deal with the children, the film crew and a normal work schedule.  You can really see into their souls through this show.  I swear that Jon looks like a happy guy most of the time, but there are few moments where Jon looks like he would like to pull his car into oncoming traffic.  While this is not life and death like Ice Road Truckers, sometimes it looks so close to it. 

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