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Tiny little homes

Living in a house that never has enough space has always had me daydreaming of adding a little cottage, studio, or "pool house" (minus the Kato).  I ran into the Tumbleweed homes a few years ago, that make these amazing little houses that are less than 100 square feet.  These tiny little houses can skirt many cities zoning regulations, as they are considered non-permanent structures since they are built on a trailer chassis. 

(Photo of Jay Shafer/Tumbleweed Home Courtesy of Telstar Logistics on Flickr)

Today I was reading an interesting article about a man named Tom Sepa, who lives in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco by a combination or choice and financial circumstances.  While the article was interesting, the comments led me to look up a design called the City Sleeper, which was designed by Donald MacDonald as a response to the homeless problem in the city.  This inexpensive structure which is built from 4x8 plywood sheets and other inexpensive building materials would be a wonderful structure to build out in the Sierra Foothills where you just needed a place to sleep and some protection from the elements.


(Photo and illustration courtesy of Donald MacDonald)


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