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A microbrewed fruity beer in a can?

I am by no means qualified to be a food or wine critic.  Throughout the 90's and most of this decade it has been a foregone conclusion that craft brewed beer should be sold in 12 or 22 ounce brown glass bottles.  When a brewer such as 21st Amendment puts beer in cans, people start to listen.  When they made a Watermelon Wheat beer, people look at each other in confusion and give it a try. When I read an article on the stuff in the local paper, I knew I had to track some of this stuff down.  From the description alone I can imagine it as something sold next to a self warming can of squid juice in a Tokyo train station vending machine.


After several weeks of looking I found a six pack for sale at the local Beverages & More location.  Simply amazing.  Not too sweet like some other fruity wheat beers on the market.  Just enough to balance the flavor and make it refreshing in the summer heat.  If you are camping, take some Watermelon Wheat along with some canned hamburgers, or not.. ;)



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