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All that glitters isn't Chrome

The big buzz for the last few days has been the newly released Chrome browser from Google. In a nutshell it is pretty slick.  On Windows XP it renders pages as fast as Firefox 3.0 and performs 2 or 3x faster than Safari.  All the normal websites I go to render just fine and work like a charm.  The only issue I ran into was with Flash video playback not working as well as it should (chunky like a monkey).


On teh interwebs, they are saying that there might be security issues in regards to the WebKit that Google used to develop Chrome.  Specifically, a bad guy could run JAR files on your system withour asking for your permission.  It doesn't pay to be a first adopter I guess.  You can guess that Chrome would be the future browser of choice if you are a Google suite user.



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