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Mr. F has found a home

For those who have been following the Mr. F saga, we have finally found him a home.  That home is with our loving family.  Unfortunately we did not find a home that would be able to take care of this plump dumpling of a cat in the luxury he is used to, so we've decided to keep him here at Rancho Relaxo. 

We've had to make some ADA compliant accomodations in our home to deal with a cat of this girth.  The first to go was the pet door to our garage (where the cat boxes are located). A quick trip to Home Depot to replace the size small pet door with a medium dog door did the trick.  The issue here is to have a big door, but not too big.  Dogs love the faux almond roca that cats produce.  Nuff said. 

Mr. F has been on a diet and has lost some weight (down to 21lbs!!!) since he came to our simple home and is beginning to fit in with the other residents.  He is an interesting feline.  He is cross eyed.  He is lovable.  He can be a demon sometimes, resembling the character "Stuart" played by Michael McDonald on MadTV.  However, Mr. F does not talk about funny feelings in his goo goo.


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