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Online photo safety / Identity Theft

I was searching through Flickr today and was looking at some ultrasound images of babies that are right about as far along as ours.  Some really nice shots (32,515 of them actually).  And then I gasped.  Did they?  Yes, they did.  


Parents, don't post ultrasounds on public forums with the Social Security Number of the mother attached.  I know this sounds pretty basic, but some people may gloss over it without thinking.  The hospital can protect your information with HIPAA, but when you put it out there, there is nothing they can do to help you.  Even if it is just your name, a random billing code and the medical facility name, why even risk identity theft?  There is no excuse in Flickr, as you can use Picnik (a great online photo editor) to edit it out or just crop it.  


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