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New G1G1 Program Starts Today

The rush is on, as I  just received an update e-mail:

Subject: [One Laptop per Child] Welcome to One Laptop per Child: Give One Get One Program
Monday, November 10, 2008 10:11 AM
From: "g1g1@lists.laptop.org" <g1g1@lists.laptop.org>
To: g1g1@lists.laptop.org

Spread the word.

Thank you for signing up for Give One Get One. At our website,
http://laptop.org, you can see the excitement of children from the
Andes to the Gobi Desert getting their first computers, thanks to last
year's support and purchases by the countries themselves. Here is one
example from Peru: http://laptop.org/peru.

Last year Americans bought 100,000 laptops for children across the
world.  This year, we mean to give 1 million.  So please spread the
word, invite all of your friends to participate.  And join us in one
simple goal: to change the world.

Thank you again,

Nicholas Negroponte
G1G1 mailing list



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