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Graffiti as art and social commentary

Depending on where you are located, you may or may not be exposed to graffiti on a daily basis.  In some areas it can be absent, while in others it is the work if idle youth and in other areas it designates street gang territories.  There is another category beyond this that walks the fine line between art and vandalism.  I was aware of Shepard Fairey and his Andre the Giant styled stencils that cover many surfaces in metropolitan areas, but I did not learn about Banksy until a few years ago, due to all the links to his work from Digg.  This artist keeps a low profile and operates under his moniker, which helps not getting prosecuted.  Banksy has some amazing pieces, which must have been an amazing feat to install without getting caught.  The images are witty, the ideas are edgy and while you may not agree with the method, it will still make you stop and think.  The internet is flush with pictures of his work, but here are a few that you might find interesting.

(Photo Courtesy of caruba on Flickr)



(Photo Courtesy of herrner on Flickr)



(Photo Courtesy of artbymags on Flickr)



(Photo Courtesy of funkypancake on Flickr)






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