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XO Update

Since I purchased my XO-1 a while ago, I have been playing with it when time allows.  While I really like the display and solid construction of the unit, the keyboard is somewhat of a deal killer for me.  I know this unit is built for children, but when I type on this thing I feel like one keystroke will press five keys.  Other than that, this thing is brilliant.  Anyways...

Since I purchased this thing, I had been running release 708 of the software which I downloaded from the OLPC website.  Over the weekend I decided to try upgrading to the 8.2.0 software (release 767).  I tried using the olpc-update 767 method, but even after 3 hours on my home DSL connection the OS hadn't been updated.  I decided to download the new image and re-flash my XO-1.  Bingo!  The user interface tweaks make the system a bit more usable.   I haven't spent enough time with the new software to see if the battery charge lasts 20% longer as they are saying.

Stay tuned for the new B1G1 program starting November 17th.



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