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December 31, 2008

A Facebook Intervention

I was recently logged in to Facebook, reconnecting with old chums and such, and the same advertisement kept coming up over and over.  Is Facebook trying to tell me I have a gambling problem?  OMG, I totally lost like $20 on the penny slots last time I was in Vegas, I must have a problem.  I even hit the thumbs down targeted advertising thingy and it still comes up.  While this isn't in the same realm as the "Tivo Thinks I'm Gay" issue, but it is still perplexing nonetheless.  I'm giving up Keno cold turkey until I can resolve this.

Tivo thinks I'm gay, and Facebook thinks I am a gamble-holic 



December 29, 2008

Getting Educated

During the past few weeks we have stepped up the preparations for the new baby.  My Mother-in-law threw a great baby shower and many family and friends have helped us out.  In the spirit of preparation we have also taken taken several childbirth classes from the local hospital.  Between these classes and all of the programs we have watched on TLC and Discovery Health, I think barring a two headed child, I am ready for anything.  The one thing I've drawn from this whole process is that you have have to inject a little bit of humor.  The book below (Safe Baby Handling Tips) was given to us by family friends at our shower...  It is a good and amusing read.

Baby Handling Book cover 



December 10, 2008

Sad news

For those of you who know my family, you know that Duke the dalmatian was a big part of things in our household.  I'm sorry to say that Duke has passed on yesterday after a difficult year.  I won't go on about his medical problems, but it truly was his time.  He was surrounded by people that love him and was at peace. 

 RIP Duke...  I love you buddy.

It is asked that in leiu of any sort of flowers or other condolences that you contribute to Pasado's Safe Haven and make sure to cherish the ones you love.

December 05, 2008

Grrr, just fix the servers already...

It seems that Yahoo has been having trouble with their mail service this afternoon and evening!

There goes the five nines!  Good luck, chaps! 

Yahoo's Mail Server banner - reboot me! 

Keywords: Yahoo, Fail!, Epic Fail.