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Sometimes analog just feels right.

Duke, JD, Ely.. all on the couch in our old house in Livermore 

In a world where everything has gone digital, most are choosing to eschew the old analog mediums.  While not dead, media such as Vinyl and chemically processed negative film still survive as a niche.  One such analog medium lost out to profit margins in mid-2008.  The Polaroid camera is one of those things that has an amazing feel to it.  You take the picture and watch the picture develop and appear right in the palm of your hand.  As much as I love digital media, there is nothing as palpable or basic as a Polaroid picture.  There is no negative, so each picture is a unique beast.  All of that was going to be lost when the film stock ran out, until the Impossible project started.  This group of people has banded together to restart production and redefine the future of a media.  Good luck!


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