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Blessings and Lessons

Sometimes when you look back on your experiences, you can clearly see that the world was preparing you for the future.  Over the past two weeks, we've experienced sleepless nights and the need to change poop filled diapers on an inconsolable child.  This is not the first time that Christie and I have experienced this.  Those of you who know the details of our life, know that Duke the Dalmatian was taken from this world last December.  What many people might not know is that the same day that Duke's bladder burst following his cancer surgeries, and we decided to not put him down and do everything we could to bring his life back to normal, is the same day that we found out that we were pregnant with Miles.  We chose life that day. 


In some ways Duke gave us Olympic level training.  Changing the blood and feces soaked dressings on a 70 pound dog will always trumph a few ounces of yellow poop.   Dealing with an inconsolable dog that is in pain and is depressed because he can't sleep in your bed anymore due to the mess and safety issues (falling off the bed) will always trumph a baby that can be satiated by a bottle or a diaper change.  Duke gave us the lesson of undying affection and the need to pull out all the stops for a family member.    Whatever the long term outcome, you know you tried your best and explored every possible route.

I don't know what Miles' life is going to be all about, but I'm glad the world has provided us with lessons whether they be blunt or subtle.  Every life has a plan and purpose, but sometimes you just don't see it right away.  


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