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Ubuntu on the XO


I had read several articles on the web about loading different operating systems on the XO-1 hardware platform.  I have been really short on time lately due to our first son being born two weeks ago, so when I found XO Explosion offering a turnkey Ubuntu on XO-1 solution, I exercised my Paypal account immediately.  This vendor also has a lot of great spare parts for the XO-1 unit including displays, power bricks, batteries, and other addons.

After ordering, I received my SD card in mail a few days later.  I was able to drop my developer key right on to the SD card and within two minutes I had rebooted and was up and running on Ubuntu.  I know I lose a little bit to geek street cred for not going through the who installation process myself, but for $49 this is a great deal.  Once I work through the WiFi WEP connection issue on the XO, I'll be totally set.


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