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I was on travel last week and needed to stay connected to the Internet.  I'm usually pretty cheap when it comes to broadband and try to get free WiFi or stay in a hotel that provides internet access with the room.  This trip I wasn't going to have that kind of luck, so I looked into a few different roaming WiFi providers.  I had heard of Boingo before, and looked into it once again.  They have slashed their access charges for unlimited service right to the bone.  They have an unlimited plan for $9 per month that rides on several other service providers networks, including T-mobile.  Yes, so instead of paying T-mobile's monthly plan or for a day of access, you get a month of access through Boingo.  For me this give me quite a lot of value, as both airports I am flying through and the hotel I am staying at are all served by T-mobile.  The unlimited access at Starbucks is pretty sweet as well.  By unlimited they mean 3000 minutes a month, which is really quite a deal.  Who is going to run Bittorrent at the airport?  Overall, the bandwidth and performance was great.  I was able to connect with both 802.11b/g and 802.11a at both SFO and LAX, which is impressive.  

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