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Several Goodbyes

J.D. aka "JD Boo Boo" We will miss you. 

Last Saturday was a day of a lot of big changes.  J.D., our lovable cat and companion, passed on peacefully while surrounded by friends.  He has been a big part of my life since I met my wife, but he had been with her since 1995.  The cancer that took his life moved so fast.  Even with several rounds of chemotherapy and a fighting spirit didn't stop the growth of his Lymphoma.  Over the weekend I thought about all the good times and stories that center around that cat.  He could be full of piss and vinegar sometimes, but was a sweet soul, sometimes waking me up in the middle of the night as he was grooming my scalp with his sandpaper tongue. I really miss his trilling meow and all of his tomfoolery that usually involved him dry humping pillows.  What a character.  I will never forget him.

The other big change is that Mr. F, who was with our family for exactly one year and one day, has moved to a new home.  He had been struggling with the fact that he was not the only cat for several months.  His new home will allow him to be his lovable over-stuffed self.  I am going to miss him, but I am happy that he has a home that will give him more attention and love.

Rusty - RIP 

Rusty, my in-laws wonderful dog, unexpectedly passed away on May 9th.  She was a sweet girl and a frequent visitor at our house.  The house seems suddenly so much quieter. 


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