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Cleaning up after the GeekSquad

The best part of being the resident IT person in a family, is that at every family event and trip you get to evaluate and fix people's problems.  While you can slice through the sarcasm in that sentence with a knife, I really don't mind all that much, as I don't want my family's identities to become stolen, and to be fair they do and have done some amazing things for me (take care or our son, took care of me for my first 18 years, and well... gave birth to me).  Apparently they didn't enbiggen my ability to not write run-on sentences.

My in-laws recently moved from the third world ghetto of marginal 21.6kbps dial-up to the first world suburbs of fast cable modem broadband with one of those triple play packages.  Their local provider is Comcast, who I dislike greatly from past encounters, but was I was willing to have an open mind due to their high speed connectivity.

When I plopped down in front of the computer, the first thing I noticed was that it was incredibly slow.  Without going into the back story, Comcast contracted out with the GeekSquad to install their service.  The GeekSquad proceeded to connect an unpatched WindowsXP home system directly to an Internet connection that was not firewalled and on a public IP address.  While this is fairly negligent, this is where BestBuy/Geeksquad really missed out.  They could have easily sold them a broadband firewall and another gig of RAM.  But instead it falls on me to go install a hardware firewall and pull a bunch of rootkits off their machine.  What a missed marketing and sales opportunity.

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