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September 26, 2009

Our Neighborhood Airport

I have lived in the flight path for Livermore Municipal Airport (LVK) for several years now, but never really had a chance to check out the facilities.  It is a general aviation airport, so there is no commercial activity, but you see a wide range of aircraft flying in and out, from Cessna 172's to G5's and even Blimps.  Today the city of Livermore had a great open house to show off the facilities to the community.  Tons of wonderful static displays and several flight demonstrations, including a great rescue drill by a US Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter.  The price was right as well: free!


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September 06, 2009

Bureaucracy for fun and profit

Who doesn't enjoy tomfoolery in the workplace on occasion.  For official looking memos and standard forms, check out the Bureau of Communication website.  It is sort of like Mad Libs for Bureaucratic Communications.  They have a lot of great wacky forms.  Hours of fun.




September 05, 2009

not so lolcat

We've had a pretty awful year in regards to our pets getting sick and dying.  Yesterday we found out that our cat Oprah has diabetes.  While that is awful, it is way better than a diagnosis of something far less treatable.  Sometimes the only way to deal with this crap is through humor.  So I give you the fine musical stylings of Wilford Brimley

September 03, 2009

Cheapskate Wi-Fi signal boost

If you travel on the cheap and are trying to find a free Wi-Fi hotspot to get on the internet, you might want to check out this website.  Most Wi-Fi antennas are very inefficient and are designed for a short range of a few hundred feet.  On the Free Antennas website, there are several templates to allow you to add inexpensive reflectors to your Wi-Fi antenna to increase the signal strength without any major electrical or structural modification of your equipment.   


(Photo Courtesy of IvyMike on Flickr)

This is much easier to travel with than the Wifi Wok solution.


(Photo Courtesy of J.D. Abolins on Flickr



September 02, 2009

Quick and Dirty SMS

How do you send a quick SMS message to someone without trying to figure out the email gateway for some random provider?  There are a bunch of different solutions, but a one stop (and free) solution is GizmoSMS.  They provide access without requiring accounts, but also have the ability to add your number to a blacklist if you are being annoyed through the service.  Of course this appetizer is the bait to get your to upgrade to their premium service, but the free service works great in a pinch.

The user interface is really simple.  Phone number, message and a captcha are all you need.


Even though the message is one-way, you get a confirmation that the message was transmitted to the network without error.  Not bad for a free service.


The selection of countries to send free SMS messages to is very extensive.