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January 10, 2010

What time is it?

You have got to love performance art when it is so functional.  This clock by Maarten Baas, is hand drawn for every hour and minute of the day.  The cycle was recorded once and then played out forever through this clock with a LCD display in it.  Take a look...




January 05, 2010

Concrete Ships and other oddities

Over the New Year holiday we were down in the Santa Cruz area for some relaxation.  While in Aptos, we were walking by the large concrete ship attached to a pier.  I remembered seeing this as a child, but I never knew the exact story about it, so I did some research on the web (ok, I just googled it and came up with the info), and found Sandy Lydon's website with tons of odd history in the Santa Cruz area.  The ship turned out to be the S.S. Palo Alto, which has a long and storied history.  I knew a little bit about Liberty Ships made of concrete, but I found out way to much random info at Mr. Lydon's website.

(photo courtesy of redteam on Flickr)


January 04, 2010

BART Tube Cellular Update: Awesome!

After posting about the cellular upgrade in the BART Transbay Tube, I decided to check out the service for myself.  Using a Sprint 3G data adapter, I was able to keep a decent signal from the West Oakland BART station to the Embarcadero BART station in San Francisco without dropping a connection.  What is somewhat ironic here, is that the service under the water was better than in Lake Merritt Station, which is station closest to BART HQ!

BART Cellular Readings at West Oakland

BART Cellular Readings in the Transbay Tube

BART Cellular Readings in the Transbay Tube

BART Cellular Readings at the Embarcadero Station 

January 02, 2010

Sweet XO-3

It looks like the One Laptop per Child team may beat Apple at the tablet game.  Take a look at these sweet concept demo pictures of the OLPC XO-3 tablet.