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Google Fiber, the next step.

Last month Google got a lot of press for their request for interest from any and all comers from all around the United States to have the first beta Google network in their town.  Over 1100 Cities around the country responded to this call.  Well, they closed their inbox on this subject on March 26th and many towns and cities across the US are anxiously waiting for the final verdict later this year.  I put in a request for the town I live in, but in my mind it is not what Google is looking for.  Where I live is a fairly modern bedroom community that has large scale infrastructure for broadband provided through Comcast (or Xfinity or whatever) and AT&T, and is one city over from an AT&T U-verse test market.  We are also just a little over 30 miles from the main Google campus, which in my mind is too close for a real test.

What Google really needs is small (less than 25k residents) community that is medium density and that has a mix of commercial and residential interests, as well as a very flexible city/county planning department.  But, Sergey and Larry, if you decide on the town where I live, you are totally invited to have Margaritas by the pool.
Google RFI Fiber map of the USA

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