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So many changes

In the past few weeks Miles' growth and development has been amazing.  Our little man races all over the house chasing the dogs and cats.  As of last week he is 27 pounds and is 32" tall.  This makes him a good three inches taller than He Pingping, the worlds smallest man. He seems to be happy trying all different types of food, but definitely hates peas and mango so far.  His favorite thing so far is his mother's special chicken and apple baby food that she prepares from scratch (as scratch as you can be without raising the chickens, I guess). Miles' started walking for real on 4/27 and started saying his first real words on 4/25.  He was very talkative several months before, but now he clearly states that he knows Wubbzy from the television show Wow! Wow! Wubbzy, by telling us "Wow Wow".


Miles' feet 

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