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Bypassing Higher Education

Today the Washington Post had an interesting article on that state of college education in America.  The article goes through a ton of different subjects including the lack of return on investment, the amount of debt racked up, and the length of time it takes to get an undergraduate degree.  While some of these are valid points, all of these arguments don't look at the main reason we have a higher educational system: To Make Society Better.  Everything else is secondary.  There are no guarantees in this world except death and taxes.  Hopefully a higher education will give the student/graduate the skills needed to obtain a job and position in society, but it also requires individual initiative on the part of the graduate to make their place in the world.  It would be a sad world in which people didn't study education, anthropology, archeology or dead languages just because the money wasn't there when they graduate. 


(Photo Courtesy of dr. coop on Flickr)


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