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Two Decades in IT

Last June was the anniversary of my twentieth year working in information technology.  I had been doing it so much earlier just for fun, so why not get paid for it?  From humble beginnings building PC XT clones from inexpensive Taiwanese parts in a Cupertino storefront, to working desktop support, managing IT departments and network engineering, it has been an interesting ride.  I have been blessed over the years with people who took chances on me, seeing potential in a young (read as cheap) and hard working employee. 


(Photo Courtesy of Alexandre Jorge on Flickr)

Based on my experience here are my recommendations to young folks just entering the workplace:

You don't have to take the first job you are offered, but don't hold out for some huge salary right out of school.

IT certifications may get you in the door, but you'll have to prove you skills at one point or another, so learn how to do your job! 

On the same page as the one above, your money is better spent finishing a degree than on ANY certification.  


If you are reading this and helped me out along the way:

Thank You!

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