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How to unstream a stream

Sometimes you are places where you can't be connected to the internet, or where your bandwidth is too small to get streaming media.  In the search for easily accessible entertaining video files to play for my son on long car trips, I re-discovered SaveVid.  This site allows you to download Youtube content (or content from Dailymotion, Metacafe, Break, Veoh, MySpace, Revver, Blip.tv, WeGame, Tangle, 5min, Game Trailers, LiveVideo.com, RuTube, FaceBook, Vimeo, current, Funny Or Die, eHow, Megavideo), so you can play it offline in a media player.  The DVD player that we use in our car happens to work with MP4 format video, but this would work well with a number of other target devices such as iPods, iPhones, iPads, PSPs and Zunes.  Oh, and it is free.  So, for that price you get a great deal, as there is no drive by malware, pop-ups or annoying stuff on that site.  On a side note, you can also see what everyone else is downloading.


There are a lot of other packages that can do way more, but it is hard to beat the price of free.


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