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April 29, 2011

Academic Pedigree

As some of you may know, I finished my undergraduate work at California State University, Chico. I truly loved going to school there and will always have an affection for the town.

Needless to say, Chico is not an ivy league institution. Started as a normal school in the late 1800's, it trained thousands of teachers that went on to make California an amazing place. There are a few minor celebrities that graduated from the hallowed halls. Folks like Ed Rollins, Ken Grossman, and Bill Wattenburg are names that I usually associate with the great wildcat tradition. Even local celebrities such as ABC 7's Michael Finney are proud Chico Alums.

(Photo Courtesy of NewBirth on Flickr)

I did a bit of research on other famous graduates a while back... and my mind was blown. The guy that pretty much bought all the time on Channel 26 for several years was a Chico Alum! None other than Dr. Gene Scott. *POW* Stanford may get to lay the claim to his doctorate, but he received both his bachelor and master's degrees from the institution known as Chico State College.

Yes, this is the same Gene Scott that put this giant neon sign in the Los Angeles skyline.

(Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hawk on Flickr)

Say what you will about his religious message, life choices, and all that stuff, but this guy had charisma and was entertaining.  I'm sure that Jim Jones had charisma too, but that is irrelevant, as he did not attend or graduate from the highest rated university in California that is north of Sacramento and south of Redding and east of I-5.  


April 23, 2011

The land down under

I've been to Australia a few times and have quite an affection for the country.  The people are friendly and the sun shines bright.  One of the ubiquitous things about Australia (or at least the parts I have traveled to) is the availability and love of VB, or Victoria Bitter.  In the United States you can get a few Australian beers, with Fosters being the prime example, but I had never seen VB until recently...

Two of my favorite Aussies. 

It turns out that a place called Cellar360 in San Francisco imports VB in limited quantities to the delight of  Australian Ex-pats and Austral-o-philes.  No, they don't ship.  No, they don't always have it in stock.  Yes, it is a bit spendy for beer (around $41 USD for a "slab" or a case of 24 "stubbies").   While they promote something called the VB Club, in which you reserve your beer in advance, you can always call to see if they have some in stock.   

a quarter slab 

One of the more amusing things about VB is that it isn't a bitter, but a lager.

Cheers, mate!


April 11, 2011

Lack of sleep

Parenthood can be incredibly challenging at times and push your sleep deficit up into the thousands of hours, but it is always worth it.