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Okay, I totally get it: Living in a third world county doesn't have a lot of job development options

To the Nigerian Scammers that have been calling me on my cell phone, here are some critiques on your work.

  • There is something called a time zone.  Look it up on Wikipedia.  It totally exists.
  • We happen to be in different time zones.  You can generally find which time zone I reside in from the area code on the phone number you happen to be dialing.  Again, all that stuff is on Wikipedia.  That is all free.  You don't have to steal it.
  • When you call me at 3:00 in the morning, if you already woke up one of my children I am going to be mad.  If you wake up both of my children, I will scream at you.  This is a poor use of both our resources (my sleep and sanity time; your scamming time).  Look up opportunity cost on Wikipedia.

Link for the the rest of you if you start getting 234 country code calls:

  •  http://www.419scam.org/419-phone-ng.htm




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