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September 11, 2011

10 Years

Ten years ago seems like a lifetime ago. I still can't really speak in a cohesive way about my thoughts and emotions.  Almost on a daily basis, I drive past a street named for Tom Burnett.  There are thousands of other victims of 9/11, and they are equally deserving of our prayers, but Tom's story of bravery and selflessness speaks to me.  While driving through that intersection, I always think of his family's loss, but also how his and others bravery on Flight 93 saved the lives of countless thousands.  I can only hope that I honor these people in my daily work and how I live my life.


September 02, 2011

$25 PC - Delicious Raspberry Pi

Taking the cost of computing down to the cost of a textbook is the plan for the Raspberry Pi Foundation.  This is not just an educational tool for developing countries like what the OLPC project is doing, it is a platform for discovery and experimentation in the developed world as well.   Think of it this way: Do you want little Johnny taking apart the home computer that houses your tax returns which you never backup?  Or would you rather plunk down $25 for a computer that he can experiment with that can integrate with old CRT TV's that you were going to recycle anyways?  Oh, and it can run Linux, which is awesome.

(Picture from Raspberry Pi Blog)