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All quiet on the BLOG front

If you have been following my BLOG over the last few years, you haven't seen much posted lately.  I have been fairly busy over the past year and have neglected this blog in favor of Facebook for folks I know in person and Twitter for people I follow and have met over the Internet. 

In December 2012 we moved from Pleasanton, California to the next town over called Livermore.  We really needed more space for our expanding family, and Livermore was the best fit for us.  I'm going to miss being within walking distance of downtown Pleasanton, but alas a bigger house is a bit more pragmatic.  After accumulating a decade of stuff, I don't think I can move again until my boys are in college.  It is just too much work.

I have some interesting things to share with the world in regards to interactions I've had with various businesses over the last three months (both good and bad), specifically in regard to Comcast/Xfinity.  


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