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March 14, 2013

Sex in Space

Laura Woodmansee recently made a blog posting in regards the ethical nature of sex in space, specifically the possibility of human conception.  She takes the position that it is unethical to conceive a child in space (or in the microgravity of low earth orbit), due the the past research showing that plant reproduction is affected by the lack of gravity. 


Personally I feel that it is unethical to block such activities.  Whether it be for a James Bond style Zero-G tryst or in an attempt to increase the world population by one, there should not be restrictions on consensual activity between two adults above the Kármán line.  People take risks.  People conceive children even when the risk of disease or genetic traits are not in their favor.  How is conceiving in space different from a couple conceiving even through they both have recessive traits that can be disastrous?  There is quite a difference from conceiving a child in zero gravity and bringing a baby to term.  The issues that arise from that are a whole different conversation.