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October 11, 2013

Day 10

I don't discuss politics online for a lot of different reasons.  But in this one instance I'll give you some insight into how I see things.  As we run into Day 10 of the shut down of the US Government, I've had a chance to talk with many people as I've been out and about taking care of my children, instead of performing a job critical to national security.  In a nutshell: Natural born American citizens have no idea how their government works or how it is supposed to work.  In my interactions around the community, I have head name calling from both sides of the aisle without any valid arguments.  The sad fact is, even college educated adults can't explain the different parts of government, the idea of checks and balances, the difference between a Senator and a Congressman (or the difference between a State Assemblyman and a Congressman).  You should know all you need to know by 8th grade.  Didn't anybody watch Schoolhouse Rock?

I am ashamed to say that the only person that I've talked with that had an accurate working knowledge of our government was the hair stylist who cut my son's hair, who happened to be a naturalized citizen who emigrated from Vietnam.

Some people have no idea of what a wonderful advantage they were born into when it came to the birth lottery.  

And this is why we can't have nice things...