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January 20, 2014

Shady Unsubscribe

Recently I was going through my SPAM filter and looking to see if there was anything that I legitimately signed up for and could unsubscribe to.  I found about twenty different vendors that I was getting newsletters or random marketing pieces from, that at one time I was interested in, but ended up getting classified as SPAM over the years without my notice due to disinterest in their message. 

The bulk of the unsubscribe mechanisms were pretty straightforward and I applaud that.  A few of them were somewhat sneaky, making you read the verbiage twice to make sure that you really took the course of action that you intended.  Then there is Unilever.  At one point they had my e-mail address for some marketing or coupon campaign that I have since forgotten about.  To unsubscribe from their SPAM, here is what is required:

unilever.. oh boy 

So originally they had my e-mail address, now they want everything by my SSN to unsubscribe.  No thanks!