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RAND Cybersecurity Workforce Study

I read this RAND study last weekend and had a chance to share this with several people in the workplace last week.  In regards to my experience this has been one of the most on target papers in regards to hiring, training, and retaining talent in the "cyber security" space for government work. 

Anyways, here is the link:


While overall I think this is a great piece of writing, there are some problems.  First of which, if you ask three people what "cyber security" entails, you'll get three different answers.  One of the other fairly minute issue, is that the researchers make the assumption that USG employees that do jobs within the "cyber security" realm in the civilian space are 2210's.  In the real world we all know that depending on what flavor of work, different GSA categories such as 0132, 0391, 0801, 0850, 0854, 0855, 0856, 1540, 1541, 1550 or even a secondary role as a 1801 or 1811.

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