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November 15, 2014


I guess blogging has sort of gone out of style.  There isn't really much to say right now, but I can leave you with these nuggets of information. 

  • While I don't use it, my wife is enamoured with Etsy.  On the surface it is all artsy, but it is pretty much the best place to buy trademark infringing custom Disney apparel.  Sort of like a game of whack-a-mole with vendors from what I understand.
  • Maybe I don't hang in the right crowds, but I personally don't find the appeal of Pinterest.  The whole concept of using "curate" as a verb and spending time organizing content that has already generated feels like a waste of time.  I'd be terrible at making investment decisions for internet companies, because it seems that every mother at my son's school uses it for anything that is arts and crafts related.
  • Please do not use an iPad or tablet as a camcorder.
  • That is all.