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Everything changes but the number

In the past I have written about the horror of porting numbers between landline/voip/wireless carriers.

Recently we've had some changes at home and my wife is changing her employer.  She's had the same cell phone number from her job for 14 years and they were nice enough to let her keep it.  I'll spare you the details, but it took about three weeks to get everything worked out.  This is what I learned from the process:

  1. Porting a phone from a business account to a personal account is a pain, since they never want to share the Tax ID or account number.  
  2. Glyde might have great prices online, but beware, as three of my transactions were cancelled due to the seller not completing the deal.  A waste of time.
  3. You can purchase a used/refurbished phone that has a Clean ESN, but if the phone isn't unlocked from the carrier and the account balance from the previous owner is not settled you are pretty screwed.  I was lucky that the Amazon seller was nice enough to provide a replacement phone, since technically they had sold me exactly what was stated.  The back and forth wasted a lot more time.
  4. I use Ting as my carrier and spent a lot of time on the phone with them trying to work out this situation.  While it did take a while, they went above and beyond to help me resolve the situation.  Since they are a MVNO, they have their hands tied by Sprint and T-Mobile in what type of phone issues they can resolve or what they can put on the network. 
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