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December 31, 2015

Social Media

In the past few years Social Media sites on the Internet went from something that you could avoid to a requirement. Now you are considered backward or a "tin foil hat" type if you don't have some sort of presence. While it is true that some, if not all people, create a virtual personal brand firewall to show their successes and block their failures, sometimes you still can see the true essence of people in their stressful times. Over the past few years I have seen friends (real world friends, old friends from college and high school, work friends, etc.) talk about their experiences coming out of the closet, issues with addiction/abuse, divorce/dissolution of relationships, mental illness, serious health issues and the death of loved ones.  It really amazed me what people were willing to share.  At the time, social media for me what the place to make connections for business and like pictures of other people's kids when they liked pictures of mine.  Or cats.

Then I was diagnosed with Cancer.  At that point social media, specifically Facebook, became a support network as I went through diagnosis and treatment.  I really appreciated the genuine outpouring of love.  Physically and emotionally I'm back to normal, but I will always appreciate the people that came out of woodwork to support me and encourage me.  People that had been through similar or more traumatic experiences that let me know it was going to be okay.