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Random Thoughts for 2019

Here are a few disconnected thoughts.

  • Extra badging on cars (i.e. dealership names) is pretty much useless if it doesn't add value.  I'm not sure if this is just a think in North America.  If I bought a car from Joe's Toyota in Iowa, I shouldn't care, but if I buy a BMW that has a Dinan badge it actually means something.
  • Keeping and maintaining friendships as a middle aged adult male requires actual work.  Social media helps keep your connections, but unless you put energy into a relationship, they will atrophy.
  • This is common sense, but kids model your behavior.  Act like you'd want them to act and treat people in a way that you want them to treat the world.  Be kind, or your kids will grow up to be ungrateful little snots.
  • I confirmed that people actually read this blog during a job interview last year.  Hello to my audience of two to five people!


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