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New Project - ADVENTURE45

I've wanted to do something different to record the 45th year of my life.  I have a love of photography and recording what is happening around me, so I figured I'd do a photo project.  Originally it was a project where I would use film expiring or manufactured 45 years ago, but it has been too cumbersome or costly to get enough film to pull this off, so I'm going to default to just analog film.

That being said, here are the somewhat flexible constraints of this project:

  1. Record the world through the analog eyes of Aaron for his 45th year of life.
  2. Photos taken from February 2020 to February 2021 will be included in the scope of this project.
  3. Photos will not be exclusively taken on analog cameras during this time period, but only analog pictures will be included in the project.
  4. Generally film that is 35mm (C41, B&W, E6/XPRO) will be used, but other formats such as 120, 110 and Polaroid/Instax might be used as well.
  5. Try to shoot at least one roll of film per calendar month, but endeavor for much more.  Try to evenly distribute the photos over the full 12 month period versus having an uneven distribution.
  6. Post photos to Flickr account and possibly blog during the process.
  7. Tag photos with metadata, record the specifics of what was used (e.g. Location, Dates taken, camera used, film used). 
  8. Use the metadata tag ADVENTURE45 and hashtag #ADVENTURE45 to share with people who like my boring life journey.
  9. At the end of the 12 month period, curate the most interesting photos and put together a book to share.
  10. If it turns out to not be incredibly boring, maybe make some large prints and show it somewhere.

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