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Random Notes - January 2020

Here are a few random notes for today.  They are really for my use, but if you find them interesting, hooray.

I have been using Ubuntu Linux and derivatives for the last decade or so.  I've played with X/L/Ubuntu and other derivatives over the last few years and recently played with Ubuntu-mate on an old anemic laptop.  I really like the experience and it works on antique hardware.  As a side note, I played with AntiX, and while it was VERY fast on junk hardware, the networking left a lot to be desired.

My kids use Chromebooks in school and their district has invested in the Google Edu suite.  I don't own any Chromebooks, but I found that you can make your own with an older laptop using NeverWhere's CloudReady chromium distribution.  It is pretty lightweight and works pretty well on the hardware that I've tried.

I am a licensed ham radio operator, but haven't been really active in the past few years.  I was reading a recent article in QST regarding a Ukrainian Transverter company that build boards to do TX/RX frequency translation for many ham radio bands.  I own a 10m SSB rig, but don't have SSB equipment for VHF.  This is an inexpensive way to play with non-FM modes on VHF.

AI is cool and creepy at the same time.  An application of AI generative adversarial networks is here.

Once you cannot update or patch an old phone, tablet or iPad it becomes a security liability.  Other than going to a landfill, an interesting application is to use it as an electronic mirror.

I like to camp with my family, but we are really not in a position to purchase an RV or store one at our house.  A vehicle like this would be pretty fun for weekend adventures.
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