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Social Distancing

I got a head start on the social distancing thing on 3/11/2020 when I was sent home from work for attending the RSA 2020 conference in San Francisco.  As good as the conference was with hand sanitizer, they had two people attending the conference that had positive COVID-19 tests, and one of which that passed away.  Since I started telecommuting (telework in the Federal government terminology), I had a chance to get my home office arranged in a maximal configuration before the SHTF with Alameda County's shelter in place order, and the following California shelter in place order.

We have been at home as a family unit trying to get school and work done, while staying safe.  I can't say that anybody is thriving in this situation, but we seem to be functioning.  Thanks to Amazon Prime, Costco Delivery, Safeway Delivery, Target.com and Chewy.com we are able to get the staples for all members of our family without going out in public.  We have dedicated one hour a day to go outside and hike or walk.   

I've continued on with my #ADVENTURE45 project in this crazy world and just shipped a dozen rolls off to Dwayne's Photo in Kansas for processing.  I am really looking forward to receiving the results.  There is so much craziness in the world and shooting film is one this that is very soothing.  Stay safe everyone!

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